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Panasonic AV-HS6000


The AV-HS6000 is a new broadcast-grade live mixer, designed for film studios and mobile units.

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The AV‑HS6000 is a 2ME model in the HS series that employs a newly designed, easy-to-use GUI Control Panel to support accurate switching.

Even with its 3U compact size, the main unit is equipped with an abundance of inputs and outputs for great system integration that include 32 SDI and 2 DVI inputs plus 16 SDI outputs.  To top it all off, 4 DVEs per ME enable diverse transitions when producing creative video in demanding fast paced situations.

Three types of control panels can be used. C1 and C2 panels offer 24 XPT buttons and 4 pages, and allow easy switching among 96 total crosspoints. Single or redundant power supply is selectable. New compact panel C4 is 30% shorter than the C1/C2 version and offers an easier integration into small studios and OB Vans. It offers 26 XPT buttons and 4 pages, for switching among 64 total crosspoints. In all cases, two multi-selection panels easily allow to recall wipes, event, shot, video and still memories.

PANASONIC AV-HS60D1G Solid HD Internal Storage Module
Control panel dual power supply AV-HS60C2E PANASONIC
AV-HS60U2E Dual Power Supply Main Unit

  • 34 inputs (SDI X32, DVI×2) and 16 SDI outputs; all inputs have built-in frame synchronizers
  • 1080/50p format and 3G-SDI signals are supported
  • Simultaneous output in both 1080p and 1080i formats
  • Color correctors are installed at 8 inputs and 4 outputs **
  • Up-converters at 4 inputs and down-converters are installed at 2 outputs
  • Equipped with 4 DVE and 2 DVE (2D) per ME to handle backgrounds and keys
  • 16 auxiliary buses (AUX1 to AUX4 equipped with MIX transitions)
  • Equipped with real-time high-quality chroma keying that employs Primatte®* algorithms. Standard 1 channel, expandable up to 4 channels**
  • 4 keyer per ME (total 8 channels) also capable of PinP
  • 4 downstream and 4 upstream keyers**

For more information, you can check the manufacturer's website

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