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Customers hereby are informed of our general rental conditions. These conditions apply to all rentals unless there has been a different agreement between the customer and an authorized person of the company 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL.

The equipment to rent will always be accompanied by a delivery note (“Albarà d’entrega”) indicating the dates of departure and return of the material. Customer formalizes the rental agreement with the acceptance of the material at the time of delivery. People removing the material sign the delivery note, with the agreement of our conditions.

Our rental rates do not include taxes or insurance and are contingent upon the availability of the material.

The material will be delivered if the customer has sent us the purchase order and has an account in our records.

In case the client does not have an account, he must provide their identification card/passport, the identity of the bank where he has an open account and Account Code (CCC), in addition to full payment for the rental of equipment.

The possible extension of the rental period and repairs arising as a result of the deterioration of the rented equipment will be added to the bill.

The material is checked and tested before each departure. This control does not exclude a check from the customer on the proper operation of the equipment before the departure. We do not accept any claims once the item has left our office.

The collection and return of the equipment are made in 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL and done by the client. The hire extension shall be communicated to 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL.

Should an order be cancelled within the previous 24 hours to the service, 50% of the agreed price will be charged.


The rented equipment is under the customer’s responsibility as soon as it leaves 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL facilities.

16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL will not be responsible under any circumstances and in any way of the recording results. 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL responsibility will be strictly limited to free replacement of our equipment for a period equal to the time of failure of the rented material.

The user agrees not to make any modifications or repairs of our material without prior agreement of our maintenance service and, if approved, agrees to keep the defective parts for a technical review by our 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL staff. The customer will be liable for damages 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL and their clients as a result of delay in delivery of material. All overtime could be added as rental days in the invoice.

Any customer’s claim will not be taken into account after the rental of the material, if it was not checked and tested upon their return in the presence of our staff.

The client can trust the material exploitation only to competent technicians who know how to operate the rented equipment. 16nou assumes no obligation for any training, and the customer is liable for damages related to misuse.


For every customer that accepts contract guarantees defined below, the cost of insurance will be 6% of the rental value of the material without discounts.

Otherwise, the client must take personal insurance for the material and must show a certificate of such insurance at least one day before the departure of the material.


  • Fire, lightning, explosion, electrical damage
  • Floods
  • Damage to the equipment unless:
    • extreme use conditions like filming on board ships or aircraft.
    • participation in sporting competitions such boat race, motorcycle and car racing.
    • wars or riots
    • screens and crystals break

In case of a damage not covered by our insurance, compensation should be paid by the customer based on the cost of new material of the value of the day. It is understood that the client is fully informed by 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL about the value of the rental material and will have under his responsibility during the rental period.

Any damage shall be communicated to 16nou Serveis Audiovisuals SL staff at the return of the equipment.


Payments must be made in cash or by transfer before to collection of the material, or by 30 days bank receipt.

Delays in payment terms that have been planned and agreed by both parts will cause a surcharge of interest. In this case, there will be a penalty applied equivalent to one and half times the legal interest rate.