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Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x EF-E Adapter


The Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA adapter features an improved optical design to improve sharpness in the corners of the shot and reduce unwanted optical phenomena such as distortion or vignetting. The Metabones Speed Booster system is designed to work perfectly with large aperture professional Canon lenses. Subtracts 1 stop from your optic, making it brighter.

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The T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter for Canon EF Full-Mount Lenses to Sony APS-C E-mount Camera from Metabones allows a Canon EF-Mount Full-Mount Lens to be mounted on an E-mount Camera from Sony. The adapter’s optics help maximize the apparent angle of view of the attached lens, while providing a 1-stop magnification for the camera over the lens’s aperture range.

If a lens intended for 35mm or similar size full-frame camera sensors is attached to a camera with a Sony E-mount APS-C size sensor, a larger image would be projected than the 35mm APS-C sensor. Sony E-mount. Built to accept. Capable of capturing only the central portion of the projected image, the effective angle of view of the lens would be reduced, creating a “crop factor” in the camera. The T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter condenses light from a lens designed for 35mm or “full frame” film camera sensors and projects it onto a Sony E-Mount APS-C sensor. This allows a Sony E-mount APS-C sensor to use more light collected by an attached lens,

This adapter is made of aluminum alloy for durability and minimizes weight. Its mounting rings are made of brass to prevent wear. Inside are five lens elements in four groups that are designed for optical clarity and color fidelity. A detachable tripod foot is included that includes 3/8″ threads, as well as compatibility with Arca-Swiss tripod heads.

The adapter supports electronic communication between an attached camera and a lens. If the lens includes autofocus, image stabilization, and camera-controlled aperture features, this adapter is intended to allow those features to be used. If an attached lens is also capable of generating EXIF metadata when used with a compatible camera directly, the T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x is designed to allow the information to be saved alongside image files generated with a combination of the lens, a Sony E-mount camera and the adapter.

By enabling camera-controlled aperture features for a Canon EF-mount lens when used with a Sony E-mount camera, program, shutter-priority, aperture-priority, and manual modes can be set and used Throught the camera. Power for these functions is transferred from the camera to the lens, and the adapter is designed to efficiently accomplish this. When manual focus is preferred with a compatible electronic lens, a built-in switch can be pressed that opens the lens’s aperture diaphragm to its largest setting. The resulting shallow depth of field can be used to help ensure focus accuracy.

While the adapter is designed for Sony E-mount cameras with APS-C sized sensors, it can also fit Sony E-mount cameras as well. However, these cameras must be set to “crop mode” when paired with this adapter to avoid generating vignetting images.

  • Allows a full-frame EF-mount lens to be used with a Sony E-mount APS-C camera
  • Maximizes the apparent angle of view of the camera and lens combined
  • Provides a 1-stop magnification for the camera over the aperture range of the lens
  • Five lens elements in four groups for optical clarity and color fidelity
  • Supports electronic communication between camera and lens to enable autofocus, image stabilization, in-camera aperture control, and EXIF metadata generation where possible
  • The internal coating minimizes reflections within the adapter barrel.
  • Detachable Arca-Swiss compatible tripod with 3/8″ threads
  • Aluminum alloy components for weight reduction.
  • Brass mounting rings prevent wear.
  • Locking mechanism for secure lens attachment with release button

  • Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x EF-E Adapter
  • Tops mount
  • Metabones base
  • Allen wrench
  • Carrying case

Compatibility Canon EF Mount Lens for Sony E-Mount APS-C Camera
Crop factor 0.71x
Groups / Elements 4/5
Length 2.6 x 1.1 “(6.7 x 2.8 cm)
Weight 7.2 oz (203.0 g)

More information about the Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x EF-E Adapter through our contact channels.


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