Logitech BCC950 Conference Webcam

18 January, 2021

We present you a professional camera for conferences of the Logitech brand. This is the Logitech BCC950 designed especially for Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Cisco Jabber™, Fuze, LifeSize Cloud and Vidyo among others. It does not require special software, training or maintenance. Making a video conference is easier than ever. There’s nothing to set up or install: It just connects to your PC or Mac and you can get into the meeting.

For video conferencing and virtual meeting enthusiasts, it’s a great alternative to expensive video conferencing equipment like Polycom and so on.

This camera has great qualities, one is the rear arm that allows you to climb the camera to the height you want and the same has tilt and pan movement. This camera has large More or less what you have, are the controls conveniently located at the base. What we found most interesting about this camera is that it can be put in front of the TV and because of its height it seems that we are interacting with the other person by looking into their eyes which is something uncommon in video conference systems.

From the control of the camera, we can control the pan, tilt and zoom. It also has a remote control, which not only has the volume buttons (which are also in the base itself), but we will also be able to use it to zoom in and out the camera.

The quality of the camera through the other side of the conference will be limited by the quality of the bandwidth.

We hope you may be interested in this equipment for those people who want to have a videoconference system that is not so expensive and that is quite versatile and that at the same time can be portable enough to take it from one place to another.