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Teleprompter with double lectern (two crystals, 24 ”LCD, PC, soft and operator included)


Prompter for conferences, exhibitions, presentations, etc …

Rental prices

  • 1 día
  • 2 días
  • 3 días
  • 4 días
  • 5 días
  • 6 días
  • 7 días

Prompter for conferences, exhibitions, presentations, etc …

2 stage lectern system including: 24 ”monitor box, adjustable telescopic pole,
ultra clear polarized glass, laptop, prompter program and shuttle or pedal
for speed control.
Rate: 1 day with 1 lectern: € 390 (8 hours with operator. Extra hour: Consult)
½ day: € 360 (4 hours with operator)
Rate: 1 day with 2 lecterns: € 490 (8 hours with operator)
½ day: € 460 (4 hours with operator)
Includes: Equipment rental + transportation (in the metropolitan area of Barcelona)
+ assembly and disassembly + operator

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