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Price on request. From € 100.

3-axis wireless motor controller with LDS lens data functionality. It works with WCU-4, SXU-1, Master Grips and panoramic bar zoom (cmotion).

Use the versatile ARRI UMC-4 LDS Universal Motor Controller to remotely control focus, iris, and/or zoom, and to record lens metadata for post and VFX use. The UMC-4 Controller can govern up to three lens motors, and is compatible with WCU-4, SXU-1, Master Grip, and ARRI zoom controls. This controller is compatible with any ARRI or third-party pro camera, and with CLM-3/4/5 lens motors.

The downloadable SUP 2.0 update for the UMC-4 adds several key functions like wireless lens-file transfer, the ability to set and display your gear motor teeth-count (for correct lens data), support for the cmotion cfinder III, and improved motor characteristics. AMIRA/ALEXA Mini–specific updates include full playback control, selection of user setups, and a PLAY/ERASE status display. An updated LDA (lens data archive) is detailed below in the Features section.

This standard version of the UMC-4 includes two serial ports; optional modules are available separately for linking the UMC-4 to Canon and Fuji focus/zoom controls. The UMC-4’s internal timecode clock can be jam-synced, or it can be used to output LTC timecode. The included SD card can be used for recording lens data and timecode, and for updating the controller’s firmware. The UMC-4 motor controller features a 2.4″ LCD display, a water-resistant design, and a durable, outdoor antenna.

  • Arri UMC-4
  • Transport box

Connectors 2 x 7-pin serial
1 x 5-pin LCS
1 x 12-pin CAM
3 x 12-pin motor
1 x RS input
1 x TC in/out
Receiver Channel 8 x Channels: 2.410 to 2.475 GHz
Supply Voltage 9.5 to 34 VDC
Current Consumption Radio On/Ready:
135 mAh at 12 V
70 mAh at 24 V
Mounting Thread 3/8"-16
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
Dimensions (WxDxH) Without Antenna: 4.2 x 1.5 x 3.9" (107.7 x 38.5 x 98 mm)
With Antenna: 4.2 x 1.5 x 6.1" (107.7 x 38.5 x 153.9 mm)
Weight With Antenna: 15 oz (428 g)

For more information, you can check the manufacturer's website

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